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Kaiserurkunden in Abbildungen

Kaiserurkunden in Abbildungen, commented by Renate Spreitzer (IMAF)

Link: [02.05.2013]

The website gives access to a digital version of “Kaiserurkunden in Abbildungen” by Theodor von Sickel and Heinrich von Sybel, which appeared in two volumes in 1891. It was soon to become a standard work for diplomatics, one volume containing facsimiles of 364 charters of emperors and kings of the Holy Roman Empire, from the Merovingians until the beginning of the 16th century (716–1517), with a second volume providing detailed descriptions of the charters. It covers all types of regal and imperial charters and thus enables the user to study their outward appearance and their development. The work has proved a perfect aid for students of medieval diplomatics and in fact for anybody who is interested in the field. On the website both volumes are available in a scanned digital version and can either be browsed or searched  by means of a chronological index.

Processing started bevor 2005 and was carried out by Digitale Bibliothek – Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum (MDZ). The digitization of the two volumes being complete, there are as yet no plans to further develop the website.

The website is in German only. The scanned digital version is searchable by means of a chronological index which includes date, place, issuer, contents and recipient of each charter. Each entry is linked with the description and the facsimile and, if available, with a short summary in the Regesta Imperii. It is also possible to “leaf” through the scanned version.

There is no possibility for the user to annotate, correct or add to the material. “Kaiserurkunden in Abbildungen” is available on open access and for free, login is not required.